Semalt: Mozenda – All The Features A Good Data Scraper Should Have

Mozenda is one of the best, powerful, useful and comprehensive web scraping tools on the internet. It has a large set of features and is designed to make your work easier.

Working with Mozenda will allow you to grow your datasets exponentially. You can also create new types of deliverables and thus improve your business. It's safe to say that Mozenda's training and support resources are best in the industry. This tool comes with useful training materials, and you can also get in touch with the product experts to know more about Mozenda.

Scrape data from lists and charts:

A large number of sites use charts, lists, and tables to organize and structure their content. With Mozenda, you can easily detect these charts, tables, and lists and can build your own agents. Also, this tool will help you collect precise information from across the web. Mozenda makes it easy for you to scrape data from websites with complicated paging structures and nested categories. It automatically detects names, associated values, and email addresses, and builds datasets to ease your work.

It may not be possible for you to scrape information from tables properly. In fact, tables and charts pose challenges for all web scrapers. Unlike and Kimono Labs, Mozenda has an interactive machine learning technology. This tool can easily scrape information from charts and tables and saves your time and energy.

Import data to any format:

Mozenda is best known for its user-friendly interface. With this tool, you can easily extract data from different web documents and can combine HTML text with images and videos to give an interactive and beautiful look to your website. Furthermore, Mozenda allows you to import data to such formats: Word, PDF, Excel, CSV, and JSON. You can directly download the content to your hard drive for offline uses.

Compare different web documents:

This new feature enables us to view the in-line data changes in a better way. We can also compare different web documents to obtain useful content. For instance, we can use Mozenda to compare product descriptions, images and pricing information of Amazon and eBay. Once the data is fully scraped, it will either be downloaded to your hard drive or be stored in Mozenda's database. You can later access this content and publish it to your site.

Unique features:

The Unique Field option allows you to backup your files in a better way. If you want to shift your data from one site to another, you can activate this feature and allow Mozenda to backup your web content. This feature is not available in Mozenda's free version. So, you would have to opt for its premium version to access these features.

For the advanced users, there are a large number of amazing features and options. For instance, they can scrape data from HTML documents, PDF files and images. They can also export data to a number of formats and write particular codes.